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8 years ago, from the shores of Cornwall, fishmonger and fisherman, Mick, recognised an opportunity to work faster, quicker and more efficiently and so created the first mackerel stripper. It was a basic piece of kit that did the job brilliantly – so brilliantly in fact, it gained attention from fellow fisherman keen to have one of their own. After selling the first, Mick made another and again sold it in weeks. Before long word had spread and orders rolled in.

The demand was clear and the Fishing Gear Shop was born. Once established, the design of the first mackerel stripper was developed extensively to get the final product just right. Freshly launched, it soon sold all over the world.

After years of success, in 2019 Mick sold the business to Dorset entrepreneurs Steve and Trish who saw the potential in such a useful, reliable fishing device and ran with it. Fishing Gear Shop was built with fishermen in mind and we’re committed to delivering an A-class service and equipment designed to make your life easier.

Catch more. Work smarter. Not harder.

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