Dual Longline and Mackerel Stripper System

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Dual Longline and Mackerel Stripper System
This is our new duel system consisting of a 25 hook longline system that fits directly onto our very popular 35 hook Mackerel Stripper unit, the longline comes complete with the following:
150ft Brand new 3.5mm commercial style fishing longline fitted with 25 x 1/0 hooks. The line is made from white braided nylon and is rigged with 25 x 1/0  hooks on 8in 150lb low diameter braid snoods these are looped either end for ease of changing hooks/snoods and each one has 3 coloured beads for attraction, it also comes with 2 x 0.75Kgs Anchors, 2 x rigid plastic pick up Buoys and 2 x Gunwale brackets for separate fitting. The Mackerel stripper is our brand new large heavy duty 35 hook Mackerel Stripper System, it comes complete and fully fitted ready to fish with the following: 150 ft of 200Ib Quality Line, 35 Hook Mackerel Set & 1 Large Weight.