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Double Mackerel Hook Sets

Double Mackerel Hook sets on 150Ib line on same colours or mixed 

£12       20 Hooks
£21.50  30 Hooks
£26       40 Hooks
2       50 Hooks
£38       60 Hooks
£44       70 Hooks

Same Colour:  Red & Silver   OR  White & Red
Mixed Colour: Red & Silver  AND  White & Red
For different colours please ask.

Gunwale Roller
Here we have SeagearUK's Gunwale Roller to add to our impressive and popular Mackerel Strippers. The roller itself is made from quality marine grade 316 stainless steel with a 5" roller and measures 600mm wide. Also available is our wider roller at 900mm.  The roller runs on 2 s/steel wheel bearings and can be easily detached from the main frame. Again due to our very low overheads we are the cheapest on the market by a long way, as our Mackerel units have been for the past 9 years.
Gurdy Wheel

Gurdy Wheel Strong and sturdy made from quality 316 stainless steel.

Gurdy Wheels Standard & Large
Our Gurdy wheels are made to last, they are extremely strong and virtually unbreakable, they are made from top quality marine grade 316 stainless steel and very tough polypropylene, standard size is 110mm inside width by 380mm wheel diameter the large is 160mm inside width by 380mm wheel diameter.also available is the connecting arm which is either 30mm box or 25mm box section by 350mm long.
Mackerel Hook sets
Quality Mackerel Hook Sets available in;- 10,15,20,25,30,35, made from stainless steal our Mustad hooks are one of the sharpest and strongest on the market.
Fitted with good quality 150lb line tinsel ribbon and pvc
£6.00 per set of 10
£10.75 per set of 15
£13    per set of 20
£16    per set of 25
£19    per set of 30
£22    per set of 35
UK & Channel Isles Delivery £3.65
Europe  Delivery £8.95
Mackerel Roller

Medium Mackerel Front Roller
Side plates 400mm Height
S Centre 115mm wide
Overall Width 240mm

Mackerel Stripper
Here we have our standard size Mackerel Gurdy Stripper System as seen in the video, made from quality marine 316 Stainless Steel, you will find that we are the cheapest in the UK by a long, long way, with its adjustable gunwale clamps it will fit on any size boat big or small, we post worldwide.
This unit comes complete and ready to go, all fitted with the following:

rd Unit     £445.00
150 ft of 200Ib Quality Line     
20 Hook Mackerel Set
1 Large Weight

Extra Large Unit  £795.00
Also we have available now our Extra Large Mackerel Stripper Unit made from heavier boxed 316 stainless with a wider Gurdy wheel that comes with a 35 hook set fitted  and a wider front red roller.

PVC Hook Separator

5mtrs of pvc hook separator Eyed at both ends.

Squid Jig Rig

Noctilucent Squid/Cuttlefish Jig Fishing Lures attached on 125Ib quality line apx 14" apart.